Tell Me

2018 Single by Acropolis Blues

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This song recounts the story of a woman I met while out drinking with some friends. As I recall, it was in Taft which wasn’t (and isn’t) my usual spot. I had gone there to visit some friends from La Salle. She was from France, was a bit taller than me, and was plenty cute. We played darts and talked the night away until it was time for me to go. In the song, I go through the motions of trying to psyche myself up to talk to her, and recite the often ridiculous thoughts you have when meeting somebody new. Little did I know I’d never see her again after that night, but boy was it fun.

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[Verse] Excuse me miss, But have you got a second? Cause it occurs to me, That the words you speak, Put me at ease.

And tell me this, I’ve spend the whole night guessing, If the company, That you seem to keep, Means that I, should leave,

[Pre Chorus] And I’m a long way home, At least I didn’t have to say goodbye,

[Chorus] Tell me tell me how you feel, And if these thoughts are all too real, I’ll play the part to help you heal, But keep your heart and hold the wheel, And many many played the field, They’ll give you lines and make their deals, Don’t worry yet the night’s not over, I just wish I was sober,

[Verse] So tell me how, I’m ready to get started, And the third degree, That you guarantee, It flows perfectly,

We’re in this now, One look and then you nodded, Are we in too deep, When you wouldn’t leave? I think I, can believe,

[Pre Chorus]


[Bridge] You could take everything I have, And I would watch it all, I would watch it fall, And if the gravity would lapse, Then maybe I can finally relax,