Pahinga Lang Muna

2021 Single by Acropolis Blues

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Sometimes you love somebody, or intend to love somebody, but other things just get in the way. Whether it's your commitment to other parts of your life that prevent you from being able to spend a significant amount of time with them, or just you being afraid of being hurt. It's not necessarily a bad thing to be unable to love somebody at any given time, but you need to be aware and mature enough to have a conversation with them so they aren't simply waiting for an answer. If it's not meant to be now, it's not meant to be. Perhaps some day that'll change, but until then, pahinga lang muna.

This is one of the first songs I'm releasing that I wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered on my own, and I plan to continue doing so. Before this I had always sent out my music to somebody else. For a while, that was Gavin Maunsell over at gpmsounds, and Paulo Germano at pgaudio. Perhaps I believed that getting somebody more qualified than myself would lead to better music. It certainly led to better sound. Or maybe I just wasn't confident enough in my own ability. I also wrote this song in Tagalog, because I believe that the language is far more proficient at expressing this sort of emotion. Needless to say, this song means a lot to me and it serves as a symbol of how much I have grown as a person, and as an artist. I no longer feel the need to obsessively send my songs out to as many people as I can for feedback, or hide behind flashy marketing or gimmicks. Instead, this is just me as I am.

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[Verse] Pasensya na, hindi kita minamahal ng buong buo, Wala namang iba, gayon pa man, kalahati lang ang aking puso, Tuwing pagibig o pangako ang usapan, Muling bumabalik ang sakit ng nakaraan,

[Verse] Di ko naman sinasadya na ika'y saktan, Sabi nila ibigay ang puso ng walang alinlangan, Upang hindi saktan ang aking iniibig, Dahil sa huli ako naman ang masisisi,

[Bridge] Pahinga lang muna, Pahinga lang muna, Pahinga lang muna, Pahinga lang muna,

[Verse] Hanggang kailan mo kakatukin ang puso kong sarado, Habang ika'y naghihintay sa pangarap mong gusto, Paano kung wala sa tala ang ating pagibig, Ang kapalaran nati'y hindi pwedeng pilitin,

[Outro] Pahinga lang muna, Pahinga lang muna, Pahinga lang muna,