Hello! I'm Acropolis Blues, but you can call me JC. I've been writing music for as long as I can remember. Every song has a story or two attached to it, and here on my website you can check out my discography and read about all of the songs I've written in the past. You can also shoot me an email if you wanna ask me something or just wanna chat, or just message me on social media! I always love to hear from people interested in my music.

I started writing music in middle school, although back then I was far more into Rap/Hip-Hop than the more Rock/Pop sound you'll hear from me nowadays. My earliest musical memories are of bumping Eminem, Fort Minor, Linkin Park, and Asher Roth, but I'd attribute most of my musical influence to Parokya Ni Edgar, My Chemical Romance, Secondhand Serenade, Eraserheads, Twenty One Pilots, Taking Back Sunday, and Mayday Parade. It's when I started listening to the band fun. when things really changed for me, because I think their music is just peak Pop Rock. So I picked up a guitar, taught myself to play it, and now I even play bass, ukulele, piano, and occasionally drums! Through my music, I seek to connect and communicate. While our experiences may be different, our emotions are often very similar, and I want to capture that through songs.

My name comes from the subdivision I grew up in, Acropolis. Much of the friends I made there, and the opportunities being there afforded me, became so integral to my life that it seemed like a no-brainer for a band name. Acropolis Blues was originally conceptualized as a 4-piece band, but that never came to fruition, so instead I just make music on my own. Every word and note you hear is written by me, and a lot of the time I even produce, mix, and master them too!

Other than music, I've also dabbled in musical theater, I'm a full stack software developer, I play a lot of (and sometimes make my own) video games, and I live with my fiancée and 3 loveable cats.